Ahrens, M. B. and Keller, P. J. (2013) Whole-brain functional imaging at cellular resolution using light-sheet microscopy. Nature Methods.

BAM, aka “Brain Activity Map”, is the brainchild of a Mr. President Obama and colleagues (2013). First announced via the nytimes.com, and first coined by the eminent chef Emeril Lagasse, the BAM seeks, by my understanding, to record the activity of every single neuron in the brain with high temporal and single neuron resolution. Clearly, this is a good idea and everyone should contribute. Some of us (this sickest ones) have contributed more than others (the healthy people). As evidence, gaze upon these fucking splendid videos. Ahrens and Keller used new imaging and genetic methods to BAM the zebrafish larva. Zebrafish have crazy behaviors and have many of the same brain parts that humans do. Now, if you are not satisfied, then read the nature news yourself!


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