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Gert Holstege, Janniko R. Georgiadis, Anne M. J. Paans, Linda C. Meiners, Ferdinand H. C. E. van der Graaf, and A. A. T. Simone Reinders Brain Activation during Human Male Ejaculation The Journal of Neuroscience, October 8, 2003, 23(27):9185-9193.

This pape applauds itself for being the first of its kind to demonstrate that not only is the whole run up to cumming pretty great, but the main event is fun too.  Respect.  Sure, the authors didn’t normalize for the apparently limitless virility of the dudes who came twice, on cue, in a single recording session (or, conversely, for the sandpaper-like palms of the girls whose men didn’t succeed”), nor for the lack or presence of lube (but honestly, who could keep their heads still while getting a dry HJ in a PET machine?).  And strangely, neither did the guys who came nor those who didn’t “report important differences between their sexual experience under normal circumstances and in the scanner.”  The authors don’t attempt to make sense of this perverted reflection of the sexual fantasies of the men, and press ahead in their attempt to generalize the images of ejaculation collected from subjects strapped down in PET machines, getting saline injected into their forearms, to orgasm in principle.

But methodology aside, this pape helps push us towards a neurobiological answer for the sick & pressing question: why do spinal cord injured patients want to fuck even more than they want to walk?  For the irresitable cum-drive rears its tumscent head in this pape even more powerfully than the authors seem to recognize, for while they were off searching for causes and therapies for sexual impotency, assuming that ejaculation is fun because it’s involved in sexual reproduction, their fancy-ass Ecat Exact HR+ 32-ring PET scanner got incorporated into 8 different obsessional sexual fantasy / cum-producing machines.

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